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. R is for Rachael .

application hehe

Name- Rachael
Age- 16
Location- Woodstock, Ga
Nicknames- Rachie J, Rachie Rach, Rach, Giggles, Smiles
Hobbies- Poetry, Art, Writing, PHOTOGRAPHY, Shows, Music
Turn-onz- funny, always smiling, good personality, sweet, nice, jokes around, not TO serious
Turn-offz- smacking gum, smacking your food, talking bout people, gossip, DRAMA I HATE IT!
Pets- kitties!! 3 of them.. gawdddd way too much to handle
Personality- I think I have an overall awesome personality. I love making people laugh. Im a very nice person and I will do anything in the world for you if your my friend.

Food- pizzzzza, mac n cheese, taco taco tacosss!
Color- pink or black
Top 6 Bands- Yellowcard, Senses Fail, Dead Poetic, Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, Emery and Bane
Top 5 Movies- Billy Madison is the shit. School of Rock, Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko, and any other adam sandler movie.
Book- You dont know me
If you had to pick a lyric to describe you what would it be-  ARE YOU LISTENING? We write a thousand pages their torn and on the floor.......

Veiws On...
George Bush- hes a fag. I can't stand him. I will never ever ever in my whole life agree with his statements.
Gay Marriage/Gay Pride- If thats what you want to do then so be it.
The Word"Poser"- its so incredibly immature. I hate when people say omg that girl or guy is such a poser. i mean holy shit. i think its gay and ur immature if u use it.
Mtv- i sometimes watch it. I like shows on their like Punkd and Viva La Bam.
Racisim- i dont tolerate it at all. I think it makes you look lower than you already are.
Steriotypes-I think their ok. I mean I dont have much to say on this.
Labels- Their incredibly incredibly stupid. I mean why can't you just say who you are without sayin ohhh im a punk or im a skater or prep and so on.....
Ska- its ok....not rele into that tho.

What makes you a good friend? Helping out my friends in time of need. Just being there for them and making them laugh when they want to cry.
Would you protect your friends from harm? Duh I def would. What kinda friend would you be if u didn't?!!!

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