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"I am a nice shark not a mindless eating machine"


Name- Emily
Age- 17
Location- Fairfield OH
Nicknames- Emoly, Emmy, Em
Hobbies- Band
Turn-onz- Brown hair, Brown eyes, guys in bands, tattoos, piercing, etc
Turn-offz- People full of themselves, judging people, cockiness, the word poser, mean people
Pets- none :(
Personality- fun, outgoing, im kinda know as an emo kid, band geek

Food- Pizza!
Color- hot pink & purple
Top 6 Bands- TBS, Saves the Day, Blink 182, Green Day, The Used (I am loving them right now,) and Thursday
Top 5 Movies- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Big Fish
Book- o gosh... I guess Harry Potter
If you had to pick a lyric to describe you what would it be and why?- "The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd appologize for bleeding on your shirt" b/c I can relate to it big time

Veiws On...
George Bush- jerk face
Gay Marriage/Gay Pride- heck yea, I love gay people and they have as much a right as everyone else to get married to the persion they love, and be happy
The Word"Poser"- that word sucks, there is no such thing as a poser, people can do what they want
Mtv- some is ok but ummm... it's called Music Television and they very rarely play music anymore!!!
Racisim- it sux! don't descriminate against anyone b/c of their color or on their appearance at all
Steriotypes- they suck
Labels- they suck, i wear whatever I want
Ska- it's great
The Word "Emo/Punk"- they're types of music

What makes you a good friend? honesty, loyalty, and a good listener pretty much sums it up
Would you protect your friends from harm? definitely! i would do anything for my friends.

If I'm accepted I don't care what banner I get, any one would be great!

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