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Name- McKenzie
Age- 13...14 soon
Location- MA
Nicknames- Kenny, Kenz, Kenzel, Kenzie, Big Mac
Hobbies- talking to my friends, going online, haning with friends, going to the mall, watching TV, sleeping, eating
Turn-onz- i like it when a person is nice, doesnt complain and it funny. i love people who can make me laugh and trust them
Turn-offz- when someone is a total bitch and just makes generalizations and is thick headed and not open-minded
Pets- i have 2 dogs, their names are Taffy and Twoey
Personality- i think that im a nice person and understanding. you can trust me with your secrets and i wont tell a soul. i also think that i can be easy going and tthe better you know me, the nicer i am to you, but if you first meet me i wont be too friendly

Food- pasta, pizza, anything chocolate, ramen noodles, i eat a lot of different stuff
Color- orange or black/pink
Top 6 Bands- Coheed and Cambria, Yellowcard, Something Corporate, Brand New, RHCP, Senses Fail, i like mostly rock and emo
Top 5 Movies- Billy Madison, Dogma, Romie and Michelle's High School Reunion, Clueless, Happy Gilmore
Book- i dont have one but ill say The Gospel Sccording to Larry
If you had to pick a lyric to describe you what would it be- i would say im understanding because all my friends come to me for advice dealing with whatever and i can listen and help them out

Veiws On...
George Bush- i think that he is extremley stupid. he's lead us into a war that a lot of people dont want. he's dropped his dog on its head, under his presidency, 43 million people have no healt insurance and he cut healthcare benefits for war verterans. those are just a few of the things hes done. in the CD Rock Against Bush, they give you 40 reasons to hate bush and those are 3 of them.
Gay Marriage/Gay Pride- i think that its stupid how people are like "DONT LET GAYS GET MARRIED!" two people love each other? isnt that all that matters? where in the Bible is it CLEARLY stated that god is against gays or their marriages. there isnt, they just interperate it. also its the same thing as letting a black and white person get married....how is this any different?
The Word"Poser"- i find that its stupid to call yourself something when you arent but i dont like labeling people and therefore i dont like the label "poser" it doesnt necessarily mean that the person isnt nice and lies about everything
Mtv- its an alright station but i think that its stupid that they are replacing exactly what they were put on the air to do. they were there for music videos (hence the name MTV) but now they have all these shows like Newlyweds and they completley forgot what they are meant for. thats why i like the station Fuse better. they play only music videos.
Racisim- i find its stupid. just to hate someone because of their skin color isnt right....and their race didn't do anything to you, why do something to them? no one race is superior to another.
Steriotypes- i find that this is also stupid. just because someone is a certain race or gender doesnt mean that they AUTOMATICALLY have certain qualities about themselves
Labels- -sigh- one other thing that i have a huge problem with. its the same thing as steriotypes. just because someone is of a certain race doesnt mean that they have certain qualities to them.
Ska- i dont exactly know what ska is and if i have listened to it them i probably dont have a problem with it

What makes you a good friend? as i said before im understanding and i can listen.
Would you protect your friends from harm? of course i would. my friends are a few of teh best things i have. i love them to death and would even kick someones ass just for them

Post at least 1 picture of yourself

 i didnt like this picture too much but i like some things about it

thanks </3

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ummm not to be rude or anything but if i am accepted could i please be given the brand new banner? thank you <3
i forgot to mention that the first 10 members get accepted...i'm sorry =X =(! but you're accepted!